*All rates exclude a $1.00 per ton ADEM fee
**Minimum charges apply in all categories

Municipal Solid Waste
(household garbage) at Landfill and Steam plant
$39.90 per ton
Construction and Demolition Waste,
Yard Waste and certain other waste

Examples include: Sheet rock, wallboard, panels, lumber, wood pallets, roofing, wiring, and non-hazardous electrical scrap, pipe, building construction metals, insulation (excluding asbestos), brick, concrete, asphalt, stone, soil, trees, limbs, shrubbery and grass trimmings.
$26.50 per ton
Tires $200
per ton
Asbestos-bearing waste
Accepted under specific guidelines. Call 256-881-8700 for instructions.
per ton + $1 per ton State fee