Businesses will need to submit FIVE forms to open an account.

Disposal Application

Credit Authorization Certificate

Guaranty of Payment

Solid/Hazardous Waste Determination Form

Terms and Conditions

Procedures for Establishing Monthly Business Charge Accounts
Customers wishing to establish a monthly charge account shall be required to complete an application and a Solid/Hazardous Waste Determination Certificate with the Solid Waste Disposal Authority (Authority). The application will provide the following information: name of business, address, person responsible for bill, billing address, location and type of solid waste to be disposed of, expected frequency of use of the facilities, requested credit limit at each facility, truck number(s) and make, year, type, tag number(s) of each vehicle(s), and City or County license number. The allowable maximum credit limit is $5,000 per month. Customers who anticipate business volumes that may exceed the $5,000 monthly credit limit may be required to post a deposit, the amount to be determined by the Authority Financial Management Office. In lieu of posting a deposit, customers may provide an Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit in favor of the Authority. Monthly charge account customers shall be billed by the Authority administrative office. All bills for charges shall be due and payable upon receipt and shall be delinquent if not paid on or before the 20th day of the month next succeeding the month in which the charges were made. In the event any charge billed shall not be paid before the same has become delinquent, there shall be added thereto a penalty of 10% of the amount of such bill except that the maximum penalty on each account shall not exceed $500.00 for a first delinquency or $1,000.00 for a second delinquency occurring during the three (3) fiscal year period beginning October 1, 1993 and ending September 30, 1996, or any succeeding three (3) fiscal year period. Interest at the rate of 10% a year shall also be assessed from the date the charges become delinquent. Delinquent charges, penalties and interest shall be collected by the administrative office. When the administrative office determines that an account has become delinquent, personnel at the scalehouses shall be immediately notified of such delinquency and thereafter the Authority shall prohibit the delinquent monthly account customer from entering the disposal facilities until all such outstanding delinquent charges have been paid. After payment of the delinquent account, the monthly account customer shall be required to pay at the weigh-in station after depositing solid waste until his application for monthly billing has been resubmitted and approved.

Prior to approving an applicant for a monthly charge account, the Authority will conduct an extensive check of all credit references and will have the Credit Bureau of Huntsville run a credit check of the applicant.

Accounts are approved by the Financial Manager with recommendations from the Landfill Supervisor concerning the applicant’s previous use of the landfill. Approval requires that the business be licensed to do business in the City of Huntsville or Madison County, a successful credit check as outlined above, and that the applicant frequent the facilities on a regular basis. Accounts may be canceled at any time upon written notification by the Executive Director.

For applicants whose business resides within the State of Alabama, accounts will be established as soon as practical after approval. Out of state applicants will be required to post a deposit, the amount to be mutually determined by the Authority Financial Management Office and the applicant, based in part on the anticipated monthly volume of business.